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Tips to Maintain Your Car During Lockdown or Parked for long time.

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Tips to Maintain Your Car During Lockdown or Parked for long time.

Car Enthusiast are itching to go out on the empty roads Outside to enjoy there Car Rides. It’s not Every Day you get free roads without any traffic especially in Cities But you have to control yourself and you have to stay safe inside your Houses and everyone have to hold their Horses for a Couple of weeks altogether in the Meantime There are Some Steps or tips you should Follow to ensure that your car is ready for when the Lockdown ends.

Courtesy:- Image is Taken By Alfa Hyundai (Instagram Profile)

Car Care Tips During Lockdown or if your Vehicle will be parked for longer Time Periods.

1.) Make Sure Your Car is Parked in a Safe Covered areas (Under a Garage etc) if you do not have covered parking then cover it By Car Covers Because Covering of Car will Save Vehicle from Bird Droppings or Excessive Sunlight or from Rains if your Vehicle is open (Jeeps,Gypsy,Vintage

Cars etc.). Bird Droppings or excessive sunlight could Damage the Paint. Car Cover will also save from the leaves and Flowers if your car is parked in open Because leaves and flowers is a breeding material for Viruses and Bacterias which is dangerous during corona time. Do not leave any junk inside the cabin thoroughly clean cabin and keep your Vehicle Stain Free interior.

Open Gypsy King is Covered to Prevent Gypsy From Rains,Bird Drops, Leaves and Flowers.

2.) It is wise to maintain a Full Tank during such times if there is less fuel, then overtime the air above the fuel would cause condensation which is not good for your vehicles. In the long run, it could even cause rusting.

3.)Avoid engaging the Handbrake/Parking Brake when you Leave the Car idle for long Period of time as it could get jammed its always better to leave your car in Gear or Parking Mode (if your car have that feature. You Could also use car gear locks or tyre locks (in case of tyre locks you can park your vehicle in Neutral Gear.)

Car Parked In Gear and not in Handbrake (In Manual Transmission)
Car Parked in Parking Mode in Automatic Gear System (Automatic Transmission) and CVT Gear System.

4.) You Have to Start the car once on Every 3-4 Days and let it idle for 5 Minutes or Sometimes this will keep your battery Charged and Save from Battery Depletion. and you Can also Remove the Battery wires (Disconnect) to Prevent Battery and increase the life of battery But Removing of your Battery is must in that case when you are out of town for months and not able to start your Vehicle for short time and in your prescence you can use the other method of Starting the Vehicle.

You Have to Disconnect Positive and Negative Terminal of the Battery as shown in the Image

5.) Make sure That Your Cars are inflated at the Correct Pressure when kept idle for a long time the tyres could lose air pressure and keeping them inflated help prevent cracking of the sidewalls and Flat spots. if you get the chance to move your vehicle just forward or backward plz do that to prevent your tyres from Flat spots.

I hope that this Blog will help you to Prevent your Car During Lockdown or you can also use when you are not able to use your Vehicle for a long time and can increase the life of vehicle.

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